It's All About Balance and Consistency

The Fitness Kickstart program is focused on finding a balance between fitness, nutrition, and lifestyle habits that work for your goals; all while leaving time for everything else you need to do in your day or week.


By taking this approach to your goals we are looking to create consistency. If your life is not balanced then it's hard to stay consistent. The biggest reason for not reaching your goals is being inconsistent. For 4 weeks we'll focus on creating consistent dietary, fitness, and lifestyle habits that you will use to meet your goals moving forward beyond the 4 week program. 

This program is intended to get you started on the right track, provide focus toward your goals, show you week by week how to move toward your goals, and will also prevent you spinning your wheels wondering what to do next.


These days we are blessed with an over abundance of information on health, diet, and fitness. It's easy to get overwhelmed and more confused than when you started. With so much new information all the time, it's hard to stick with a single plan. Let's simplify things, commit to making good habits, and get you moving toward your goals.

How Does it Work?

  • Three 45 minute workouts per week focusing on mobility, stability, strength, and cardio

  • Nutritional Goals that are easy to track and follow, but allow you to be flexible and creative with food options and eat foods you ENJOY

  • Weekly accountability- weekly weigh ins to keep you motivated and to adjust your program for optimal results

  • Simple lifestyle adjustments to help enhance your results and feelings of well being

  • Starts as low as $249

What to do Next?

  • To find out how this program can work for you, we need to set up a Strategy Session

  • In this session we'll go over your goals, what you've tried in the past, any injury or medical history, perform a movement analysis, and a body composition analysis. 

  • From this information we can formulate a plan to get you to your goals!!

Apply Now to Set Up a Strategy Session

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