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The video below is an example of advanced dynamic movement progressions. These are not a starting point for your training, but techniques that you can unlock through our system.


Is this program effective for Weight Loss?

Yes! An exercise routine comprising of strength, mobility, and cardiovascular training is a great step for your weight loss journey.

I Defy Fitness also offers the Fitness Kickstart program that goes into nutritional and lifestyle counseling.


We encourage weight loss through creating healthy sustainable habits, no quick fix gimmicks. We not only want your clothes to fit better, but to create long term healthy lifestyle

Find out more about the Fitness Kickstart program HERE

What if I can't keep up with the class?

Many of our clients start in the exact same place you are right now. 

The hardest part of a fitness program is getting started. Are first goal is to show you how to move well. 

After you start learning the basics you'll be amazed at the momentum you gain. Our clients all started at step one and now look like movement pros.

The goals of every workout at I Defy Fitness is to Go as Hard as you can Hold your From. This means form comes first. 

Keep your focus on form and you'll have no problem staying engaged with the class.  

Are You Trying to Improve Your:

  1. Health?

  2. Body Fat?

  3. Energy?

  4. Mobility?

  5. Strength?

Try us out for 21 Days with a

FREE strategy session and body composition analysis

only $89

Let us show you the ways our mindful movement approach can improve your life. 

Watch the video below to learn more. 

Intro to I Defy

At I Defy Fitness we value your time and keep our classes to 45 minutes. Each class uses a combination of mobility, stability, strength, and cardiovascular training to cover the full training spectrum with each class.


We focus on optimizing and mastering basic movement patterns first so we can progress your strength, mobility, movement capacity, and work capacity.


Moving better means creating a better mind body connection. It doesn't matter where your starting point is, we will teach you to take control of your movement and to progress appropriately. 

Our dynamic approach to fitness ensures your creating total body progress working from the core out to unlock your true potential. 


​A well rounded exercise program is great for body composition, heart health, joint health, circulation, increased energy, better sleep, increased confidence and sense of well being, as well as, improving your ability to do your daily tasks. 


Our 21 Day Unlimited Trial includes unlimited access to Large Group Classes for 21 days. If you are interested in training in smaller groups we also have Personal Training Classes (up to 4 people) available as well. 


The 21 Day Trail comes with a FREE strategy session and body composition analysis. Contact us today to find out more!!

My life is busy, how long are classes? 

Life can be hectic and time is in limited supply. This is why it's worth investing in your health and physical conditioning now so you can enjoy more energy and a higher quality of life moving forward. 

Each class is 45 minutes and includes a warm-up, full workout, and decompression. 

By being efficient with our time in class we minimize the time you need to spend in the studio to meet your goals. 

Will this program give me more energy?

Absolutely!! Most clients notice more energy in as little as a few classes. 

Consistently participating in an exercise program is a great way to train the body to create a bigger fuel tank so you don't feel like you're on fumes half way through your day. 

Is this helpful for stress relief? 

Yes. Exercise is great way to not only get an endorphin rush or release, but it's also a great way for the body to naturally manage stress. 

Participating in a well rounded exercise program will teach the body to better manage stress and help to balance your hormones. 

What if I have an injury? 

Many of our clients have come in with old injuries or physical limitations. 

The first thing we do is an assess any history of injuries/medical issues. 

I Defy Fitness is run by a Doctor of Physical Therapy. We have programs for ALL ability levels and have extensive experience rehabbing and strengthening old injuries.

Our exercise program is built around creating good movement habits that allows the body to heal, regenerate, and build. 

What if my budget is tight?

It is very important to not over extend yourself financially. Health and fitness is an investment for your current and future self. 

Have you ever taken care of a family member as their health deteriorated? It's a terrible situation for everyone in the family emotionally, physically, and financially.

It's important to invest in health and fitness now to optimize your life and save yourself from unwanted medical issues later. 

We offer a wide variety of memberships to help meet your fitness and financial needs. Our 21 day trials are the perfect place to begin your journey with us and start as low as $89.

Are the results guaranteed? 

As many people have found, you can't expect the results you didn't work for. You will however get the results that you worked for and that feels AWESOME!!

It's not simply enough to join a fitness facility. HOWEVER, if you make a consistent habit of exercise and positive lifestyle choices you will notice the difference and see the results of your good work!!

How Do I Start?

First, we need set up what is called a Strategy Session.


We want to learn about your goals and what you want to accomplish.


We also need to know your starting point. That includes what you've tried in the past, medical/injury history, as well as a movement and body composition assessment. 


From this information we can make a plan that will get you to your goals!!

Fill out the form, click submit, and we will contact you to set up your FREE Strategy Session!

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