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Below is a completely FREE 6 Week ADAPTABILITY Bodyweight Program. 
This program includes strength, cardiovascular conditioning, stability, and mobility work. 
You can you use this program to increase strength, improve fat loss, or improve your general health. 

Download and READ the ENTIRE program guide below

Non-Apple Device


Everything you need is included in the above PDF. 

This includes the protocols, workout calendar, and links to

 the Movement Prep, Workout Explanation, and Decompression videos. 

Every protocol in this program can be done using the standard clock app that comes on most phones using the timer and stopwatch function

If You're Looking To Get the Most Out Of Your Training:

I have online coaching available for those looking to get expert advice on form, progressions, and accountability. 

Current I DEFY FITNESS members:

this service is free for you. Contact Scott at info@idefyfitness.com to set up your online coaching regimen


Nonmembers: I offer 2 great online coaching options for you:

1. Video Feedback Coaching: You will record and share videos of selected exercises.

You will receive either direct messaging or video feedback on what to correct, how to improve, and/or how to progress.


Video Feedback Coaching is $40/week. 

2. Virtual Coaching: These are live video sessions for up to 4 ppl.

You will receive live coaching through your workout and be able to individualize your program.


Each virtual coaching session is $30/session.

Contact Scott at info@idefyfitness.com and indicate that you are interested in online coaching

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