• Scott Sonderman

Purpose of Your Food

Updated: Jul 3, 2019

What is the purpose of our food? Satiety? Pleasure? Fuel?

The correct answer is yes, but the primal need for food comes from the need to give our bodies fuel to us so our bodies can function at their optimal level.

We used to be very hunter gatherer and manual labor oriented, therefore diets had more of a need for carbohydrate and nutrient dense food intake. These days technology has made it so we do less of the work and for the most part sit on our rear. This changes what our bodies need for fuel both in quantity and which source. As much as technology has been a blessing for everyday life, including my ability to reach more people with information, it has been a curse in the fight against obesity and inactivity. We now sit more than we ever have before which comes with consequences and changes that our bodies need to adapt to.

For one, breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but you don’t need a big one if you are going to go sit in your car and at your desk until the next meal. This doesn’t require a lot of energy and you do not need a lot of calories to satisfy your needs. The biggest mistake is eating a heavy carb breakfast: cereal, bagel, pancakes, waffle, etc. I know these are all delicious foods but the body uses carbs more when you are doing activities at a higher heart rate or just being more active. With low activity levels the body prefers to use fat as it’s primary source of energy. This means that your body would prefer to store those carbs you eat for breakfast, IE turn the carbs into fat stores.

Charles Poloquin has been suggesting for a while the meat and nuts breakfast and this makes a lot of sense. It has healthy fats and protein which keeps your body satisfied until your next meal. Now there are other ways to accomplish this without having to eat meat and nuts only. One of my favorite breakfast foods are eggs!! They have the protein and fat same as the meat and nuts diet while keeping the carbohydrate intake low. Eggs are very dynamic can be incorporated in multiple ways to your diet.

The point of this article is not to keep you from eating any carbs for breakfast. After all, the brain uses glucose for its functions. In other words, the brain likes to use carbs for fuel. There is nothing wrong with some fruit or complex carbohydrates for breakfast, but everything in moderation. More importantly, everything you eat towards what your goals and your lifestyle requirements with some room for other things here and there. The big take away from this article is: limit the carbs and increase your fat and protein for breakfast and see how your body responds to these changes.

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