• Scott Sonderman

Is Dried Fruit Ruining Your Diet?

Updated: Jul 5, 2019

Dried Fruit is a nutritious snack that is easy and quick and provides energy and many nutrients. Especially for people on the go this can be great way to get your pre-workout nutrition and energy in without having to put a lot of time into making your own food. Dried fruit also has a longer shelf life than your regular produce which also helps with the convenience factor. Dried fruit also contains the same vitamins and minerals as regular fruit including antioxidants, fiber, and potassium.

Things to look out for with dried fruit:

  1. Your serving size is smaller. Dried fruit is a shrunken version of a fruit taking the water out, making its size smaller than it is normally. That also means you shouldn’t eat it by the handful as this will be a lot of calories and an excess amount of sugar.

  2. The second big thing to look out for is read your nutrition label because companies tend to add extra sugars to the fruit. I recently went through a local grocery store and only found 1-2 dried fruit out of 12 that didn’t have added sugar. Read your ingredients label!! There shouldn’t be many ingredients besides the fruit. If there is sugar cane, glucose, sucrose, or corn syrup added it’s best to stay away and pick a different product.

As long as you are aware of the above and make good choices with the brands you buy and the serving size you use, dried fruit can be a healthy and convenient snack.

And The winner is the APRICOTS with no sugar added. All of the above have sugar added to sweeten the dried fruit increases the sugar calories for the dried fruit. These examples are shown so you know what to look for and can make informed decisions.


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