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in this crazy time? 

I Defy Fitness will continue to hold normal hours improving our Health and Immune Systems!!

Come join us for 21 Days for just $89

with a FREE Strategy Session and Body Composition Analysis

At I Defy Fitness we value your time and keep our classes to 45 minutes. Each class uses a combination of mobility, stability, strength, and cardiovascular training to cover the full training spectrum with each class.


We focus on optimizing and mastering basic movement patterns first so we can progress your strength, mobility, movement capacity, and work capacity.


Moving better means creating a better mind body connection. It doesn't matter where your starting point is, we will teach you to take control of your movement and to progress appropriately. 

Our dynamic approach to fitness ensures your creating total body progress working from the core out to unlock your true potential. 


​A well rounded exercise program is great for body composition, immune health, heart health, joint health, circulation, increased energy, better sleep, increased confidence and sense of well being, as well as, improving your ability to do your daily tasks. 

We use a variety of equipment to produce incredible trunk stability and strength that translates to better FULL BODY strength, power, endurance, and stability. 

Every piece of equipment we use focuses on stabilizing an imbalanced weight. 

The Clubbell resembles a bat. The weight is at the top of the lever making what we call an "alive weight", because it's always moving requiring you to constantly adjust and manage it's movements. 

The Steel Mace is a weapon that looks like a barbell but with only weight on one side.

The Sandbag requires constant adjustments as well. The more you move a sandbag the more the weight moves around. 

The Battle Ropes require you to produce force and stabilize in a horizontal direction making it very unique to the way most strength training is performed. 

We also use some more commonly used and loved equipment such as: Kettlebells, Medicine Balls, and Suspension Trainers. 

These combine with body weight strength and mobility training to make a very unique workout providing the best opportunity to learn how your body moves and how to optimize your movement. 

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