We offer a variety of different training options and packages to access the right combination for you!!

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Personal Training (up to 4 people)​

There are only 4 people per coach which means you get plenty of 1 on 1 attention and coaching. In addition to coaching you also get the energy and support from 3 other people working out with you still creating a motivational team feel.


Research has shown that people working out together and you will have a great time with this experience!! For those that are nervous about exercising with others, you will find comfort and support in our personal training classes.


The Personal Training classes allow your coach to adjust the workout programming to your specific needs, while maintaining the energy and fun of a group atmosphere. 

Large Group Training

The Large Group training experience bring the I Defy Community together to engage in fun Metabolic Strength and High Intensity Intervals workouts. These workouts get more people involved and ramp up the energy for the entire workout while continuing to provide a quality training experience. 

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This 4 week program is great for anyone looking to start a fitness plan for health/wellness, fat loss, strength, or performance. It includes a fun and integrative strength, cardio, and mobility program. This program also has a large focus on dietary habits and planning to achieve your goals. 

Physical Therapy

Now offering 1-on-1 physical therapy. If you're in pain, have chronic or nagging limitations, then sign up to get a full evaluation and treatment. Each session lasts up to an hour and is performed by a board certified Doctor of Physical Therapy specializing in orthopedic and functional rehabilitation. 

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